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Component Benefits

If a software application is assembled from components, then it should be easy to reconfigure the components to support desired changes in the business process. Business processes may be improved in three ways:

Simplification Removing one or more steps from an unnecessarily complicated process, or reducing unnecessary variety in the process. This can often by done by replacing components to produce stepwise improvements.
Integration Joining two or more previously unconnected or uncoordinated processes into a larger coordinated process This can often by done by inserting additional components to create new links.
Transformation Creating a radically new process.  Disassembling the components, and putting them back together in a new way, can often achieve this.

Improving the software application...

ISO 9126 provides a generic definition of software quality, in terms of six desirable characteristics. Component Based Development contributes to each of these.

Functionality Use of pre-existing components allows faster delivery of greater functionality.
Maintainability The modular structure of a component-based solution allows individual components to be replaced easily.
Usability Use of standard components supports commonality of GUI. CBD also supports desk-top integration, which gives the user a single view of heterogeneous data.
Efficiency Performance bottlenecks can be identified, and the need for performance tuning can then usually be localized in a small number of performance-critical components. Components can be internally optimized to improve performance, without affecting their specification; components can be moved between platforms to improve performance, without affecting the functionality or usability of the application.
Reliability Given a formal and complete specification of a component, the reliability of a component comes down to the simple question: does the component provide a correct and complete implementation of its specification. The reliability of the application as a whole is a separate issue, but is clearly enhanced when the application is constructed from reliable components.
Portability The specification of a component is platform-independent. So a component can be quickly rebuilt for a new platform, without affecting any other component. (With some tools, this will often require no alteration to the internal design, merely a regeneration of the executable portion.)

Why stick in the dark ages using antiquated coding methods when you could have access to state of the art component technology that really will save your business money and improve the desirability of your products to your customers. Choosing Software Components will be the best business decision you will make and will save you a fortune...

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