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Referral partners and resellers are the key to the distribution of developers' software globally, therefore we look for key players in all applicable markets without excluding smaller enterprises.

Indigo DQM Data Management, Query and Processing System

Indigo DQM is an advanced data management, query, processing and reporting system designed to maximise data assets, information and business intelligence. Representing the ultimate in data management and processing and featuring a significant range of expert capabilities included in an all in one solution all your data requirements are satisfied with this powerful software application.

This Data Management System can read, write, convert and translate Data into many different formats and types allowing Data to be intelligible and interchangeable between different applications and databases. The ability to easily process and work with data no matter where it is located or what application created it makes Indigo DQM unique and opens up endless opportunities to businesses that may be accessing their data via a variety of different data platforms.

With an impressive array of features and advanced functionality Indigo DQM is the ultimate Data Management and Reporting System and includes all the functionality required for managing and processing data as a valuable asset and resource.

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Indigo Scape DRS Data Reporting and Document Management System

Indigo Scape DRS is an advanced Data Reporting and Document Generation System using HTML, XML and XQuery to generate highly compatible and content rich business reports and documents with standard HTML. The DRS reporting platform gives the best functionality and compatibility with advanced reporting features and effortless integration of this technology into your projects you can be assured of having the best reporting capabilities.

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Finance Software

Finance Software for complex financial calculations and user interfaces. Our software can create Loan management and Installment Credit systems overnight with an advanced series of finance components designed for loans, installment credit, mortgages, credit cards and most typical credit scenarios.

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Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator and Loan Engine components are designed to add complex financial calculations and user interfaces to your software applications. Our software can create Loan management and Installment Credit systems overnight with an advanced series of finance components designed for loans, installment credit, mortgages, credit cards and most typical credit scenarios.

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User Manager

Authenticate, Control and Manage - Add advanced Security and User Management with Remote Access to your applications instantly with User Manager. User Manager is an Enterprise component wrapped in a ActiveX DLL for ease of use and reusability. It offers login validation, user management, authentication, access rights, permissions, group management, security auditing and remote administration features. Incorporated as standard is industry level encryption to ensure the highest level of security making it suitable for the most demanding and secure environments including the Police, Military and Banking installations

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ActiveX Components

Deliver software applications faster, better and cheaper by reusing expert-built, off-the-shelf components. AJE Components provide enhanced Web and Application development resources for developers by offering highly stable, flexible, prefabricated, pretested and reusable Software Components and Development Tools.

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Software Sauce

The number one source for Shareware, Software Downloads and Digital Media. Software Sauce is a comprehensive and useful resource on the Internet for digital downloading and software evaluation. Browse and Search the directory of thousands of software products including games, multimedia, home and business software.

Shareware, Software Downloads and Digital Media

AJE Components

AJE Components are designed to maximize software reuse, improve reliability and add rich functionality. AJE Components include a series of advanced reusable Software Components and Development Tools for Security, Finance, Banking, User Management and General Application Development.

AJE Components addresses the core of business strategy - staying ahead of the competition or being the first with best. In order to remain competitive, organizations must be better, faster and more efficient. AJE Components could save you many tens of thousands of man hours of development time. This saving in time and the increased reliability and productivity that come with using our components equate to immeasurable costs savings.

AJE Consulting

AJE Consulting specialise in advanced IT solutions for complex networked architectures and software systems. Our expertise in information technology, networking and software architecture helps business create perfect solutions. Real solutions for demanding business requirements.

Vision Statement "AJE Consulting is dedicated to providing the highest quality IT solutions providing true information architecture, intelligently conceived and professionally executed. We aim to understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of dynamic business and achieve results by utilizing state of the art technologies."


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